Fort Snelling Then and Now: The WWII Years

by Stephen E. Osman
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Mr. Osman spent three decades as the Manager of the Historic Fort Snelling site and was the last resident of the Officer’s Quarters on the Lower Post. This extensive commitment and knowledge of the entire Fort Snelling area adds personal knowledge to the photos and narrative regarding the historic buildings.

Beginning with a discussion of how the Fort inducted nearly 300,000 men and women during World War II and how the Fort underwent changes in preparation, Mr. Osman provides the reader with an interesting and easily followed description of the history up until the beginning of World War II. As we drive by today, it is astonishing to think that in 1942 there were over 1000 soldiers and civilians working to process 800 soldiers each day. While housing all the necessary functions required to move the new recruits through the steps to mobilize, the Fort also served one particularly unique function. The Military Intelligence Language School graduated 6000 students, mainly in Japanese. The other chapters offer detailed descriptions of the Lower Post, the Quartermaster Yards and Supply Depots, the Upper Post and the Reception Center, Officer’s Club, Ranges and National Cemetery. The photographs (both “vintage” and more recent) serve to enhance the accompanying narrative. Whether you have a relative who was stationed at Fort Snelling during the World War II years or you have taken a walking tour, check out this book!

Review provided by Carol M. Forbes, Member of Friends of Fort Snelling Board of Directors

Nation's Leading Historic Preservation Organization Names 'Bdote Fort Snelling' a National Treasure

Washington, DC (April 20, 2016) - The National Trust for Historic Preservation today named "Bdote Fort Snelling" a National Treasure, bringing a national spotlight to a historic place which reveals the richness of the American story. Bdote Fort Snelling is the first National Treasure designated by the National Trust in the state of Minnesota.

This designation by the nation's leading preservation organization is in recognition of the site's connections to Native American history, its role as a military post during the 19th and 20th centuries, and its connection to several significant events in American history, from the Dred Scott decision to the Japanese language school that was part of the World War II effort...

At a press event held at Bdote Fort Snelling this morning, the National Trust, along with the Minnesota Historical Society, and the Friends of Fort Snelling announced their intention to work towards developing a vision for the area's future revitalization. With a unified vision and an effective, empowered governing entity, the coalition believes that Bdote Fort Snelling could once again be a thriving center of community life in the Twin Cities.

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